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Decorative Hand-held Felt Storage Basket for Sundries Storage in Room

The felt storage basket is soft and strong, so children and pets at home are not afraid of bruising. Home storage room The laundry room can put towels and bathrobes, which is light and portable, and can store sundries at any time. Fold up when not in use to save space. Keys, umbrellas, bags and other items can be placed in the entrance hall. The living room is next to the sofa, where magazines, books and electronic products are placed.

1.Dark gray felt storage basket, soft and foldable, light weight, easy to carry and place, suitable for different places in the home.
2.Size of the storage basket, DIA16×25 inches, DIA40x65cm
3.You can put it on the car seat when you go out, store the water bottle, school bag and documents, and store tools and sundries in the trunk
4.The felt storage basket is soft, dirt-resistant, durable, and washable.
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