Felt Storage bin Storage Organizer Storage Bins Organizer

This is made with the latest technology. There is no sewing and no gap. This is a novel product. It is harder than ordinary process materials. It can maintain its shape without deformation. It is softer than plastic products and has a comfortable feel

If you need the shape you like, we can customize it according to your design. Please contact us. We can start a happy creation process, or you need to find a suitable package for your product, which may also be a good choice. We think this product can provide external packaging for cosmetics / food / drugs / gifts, This material can reflect the grade of your product
The storage bin is made of felt materials, which is eco-friendly, light, firm with special technology.
Put the storage bin in the drawer or on the desk makes the room delightful and neat.
The storage bin can contain small stuffs, such like phone, small tools, remote controller, candies, diapers and more.
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